The Door In The Garden

It is still winter here in the great Northwest. The garden is a sodden wreck, the ground saturated and most of the plants are either dormant in the earth or stripped bare of their foliage. My banana trees are still wrapped in their winter cloak of black plastic and fiberglass insulation, and this most recent … Continue reading

My Teaspoon House

So I had that big pile of spoons that I found at yard sales, like a group of friends. Each one unique in its own way. Fat ones, skinny ones, long and tall, short and squat. Each one with a different grain, made from different kinds of wood and with a different style. Some with … Continue reading

Tea with Al and the Depth of Tradition

In recent months I have been luring a coworker of mine into conversations over a spot of tea. Al is an old black man endowed with a fine sense of humor and a slow silver tongue. He is a waiter in the Hotel where I work and embodies the sense of class, tradition, and elegance … Continue reading