Musings from The Patron Saint of Knives

I sharpen knives… Such a simple statement, but of course it goes beyond that. I learn about knives, I meditate on knives… On the fine, clean, and razor-sharp edge.  I feel their balance in my hand, I examine their history under a microscope. I look at their age and what they’re used for and then I take them out to my workshop and bring them to a ghostly and nearly perfect sharpness. Or at least I try to. Each knife is different, they tell a different story, have been used in different ways. I love old carbon steel knives  that have been  handed down from generation to generation, and I love people’s favorite kitchen knives that feel good in the hand and have prepared 1000 friendly meals.

Please feel free to visit my Knife Sharpening Website. I can also do Mail Order Knife Sharpening. I will take your poor abused knives and give them a new life.

I love tea and the friends it brings to the table and the conversations that ensue. I love yard sales, as much for the people one meets as for the bargains one finds… And so that’s what this blog is going to be about, knives, and tea, and yard sales, and people.

And of course dogs… Let us not forget dogs.

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