Yard sale report for 5/12/12 plus a little on Death and Dying

People have Yard Sales for different reasons. Sometimes the news is good, people moving into together and combining households, people moving to someplace warm where their dreams will come true, or just letting go of old stuff… getting a fresh start. Sometimes, of course, the news is not so good. In fact, if you are … Continue reading

New Spoon Project!


So, some of you know that during the summer I am somewhat obsessed with going to yard sales. I love meeting new people in their own environments, I love talking to them about their gardens, looking at different neighborhoods, and of course finding amazing and eclectic treasures. You probably didn’t know that I’ve always had … Continue reading

Seeking the Liminal Edge

I think that part of my downfall is how interesting I find the world. I remember watching a taxi drive slowly down a darkened street in east Santa Cruz and thinking how interesting that seemed. It was like a large yellow shark in the murky light and the next thing I knew, I had been driving a cab for … Continue reading