Al and the Hubcaps…

I used to work at the Benson Hotel in Portland Oregon, a fine old hotel with crystal chandeliers, a grand palatial stair case and an elegant entry hall all paneled in a dark rich walnut so rare now as to be considered extinct. I worked with a cast of characters as odd and eclectic as … Continue reading

The Knowledge! (advanced yard sale techniques) + Yard Sale Finds for 2011

Last year, I made a substantial amount of money at yard sales. Certainly not enough to quit my day job, but enough to provide seed money to various other projects that I have been involved in. Over the past several years yard sales seem to have gotten much better, the quality and selection have improved … Continue reading

A Cornucopia of Yard Sale Treasures

This is about two years of amazing things found at yard sales, from 2009 to 2010.To me, what is most amazing about this eclectic collection of crazy stuff is that every item has a story. There was a meeting, there was bargaining, laughter, jokes told, gardens admired, recipes exchanged, and above all… There were people. … Continue reading

My Teaspoon House

So I had that big pile of spoons that I found at yard sales, like a group of friends. Each one unique in its own way. Fat ones, skinny ones, long and tall, short and squat. Each one with a different grain, made from different kinds of wood and with a different style. Some with … Continue reading

New Spoon Project!


So, some of you know that during the summer I am somewhat obsessed with going to yard sales. I love meeting new people in their own environments, I love talking to them about their gardens, looking at different neighborhoods, and of course finding amazing and eclectic treasures. You probably didn’t know that I’ve always had … Continue reading

Fun things found at yard sales.

When they say life is like a box of chocolates, what they’re really talking about is yard sales. It’s not like shopping, where you go to a store and you more or less know what it is that you’re looking for. It is more like a treasure hunt where you never know what you might … Continue reading