Snow Dogs…

Yes, I know, I know, Doggerel is a miserable form of communication, but I am no good at Haiku and the dogs don’t understand me anyway. At least it’s short and quick!

We insist on playing in the snow!

It’s nearly April don’tcha know,
It’s really not supposed to snow.
And though it’s truly not much fun,
The dogs insist they have to run.

It’s slushy, wet, and very cold,
But dogs don’t care, they’re very bold.
They run and jump, and slip and slid,
When I would rather be inside.

The three of them all chased the ball
And tried to run and not to fall,
But like I said, the ground was wet
And I  began to get upset

As three wet muddy, sloppy dogs
Came dashing through the slushy bogs
And jumped on me with muddy paws
Then scratched me with their filthy claws,

I am such a mess!

I noticed something not quite right,
The dog that I once thought was white
Compared to snow is not so bright.
He’s really more a dingy hue
And probably needs a good shampoo.

Either that… Or I’ll have to dye him green again…

I'm so much whiter when compared to grass...

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