First Yard Sale Report of the Season

The weather was not great this morning. Although it was not raining when I got up, the forecast called for rain, the skies were threatening. In any case, I decided to go ahead and do the first yard sale day of the season. Like the shooting of the bamboo, the flowering of the cherry and plum trees… Like the rising iris and the expected kittens… It’s finally getting to be Yard Sales Season!

8 Pottery Barn pictures frames & curtain rod. $11 total

I knew that there would not be very many sales listed and quite a few of those would cancel due to the prospect of rain, but I figured out a route for about 8 sales and I arrived at the first one in NE Portland right about at 9:00. Damn! First one had been cancelled and they didn’t even bother to put up a sign. Same thing with the second one.

The third yard sale had no signs on the house, but there were signs a couple of blocks away so I thought I’d just give it a try. Nice people, maybe a little frantic and unprepared, but obviously fun bright people and good quality stuff. Unfortunately when I arrived I found myself in competition with a pro who was collecting stuff, obviously for resale…

But I didn’t do too badly. I got a killer curtain rod for a buck with green glass finials to put in the garden. I use these as garden edgers to keep the hose from pulling through the plants and smashing them. There are two pieces per rod. I also got 8 Pottery Barn picture frames for $10. Really great quality! I decided to take pictures in their original setting.

The next yard sale was down a little driveway and when I came around the corner there was a baby, sitting in a high chair right smack in the middle of the garage entrance. The baby smiled like a little Buddha set there to welcome me, and the mother also greeted me with warm welcome. First thing I noticed was an excellent diorama of the TV show “Lost”. Interesting, funny, and really well done. The mother informed me that she and her husband had made it… “That goes to show you what nerds we are!” she said.

Brilliant Lost diorama… Did not buy.

I thought it was wonderful! Unfortunately too big for the house, but I took a couple of pictures to show you. Since I didn’t get the diorama, I picked up 9 pillows for the living room couch… .50 each, all 9 for $4.

Next sale I got a sweet and quite large fountain for the front porch, brand new, in the box. I’d been thinking of something like this to attract humming birds. Original price was $129 (price was still on the box) and they were asking $50… They gave it to me for $20… It goes to a good home. Super nice people.

Fountain for $20.

Lastly I got the Porcelain Guanyin Pusa from a guy who wanted to talk my ear off about politics. Personally brought from China, he was asking $20, I got it for $15. Very detailed, very special. I also picked up a new bag to carry my stuff to work in for $2.

Not bad for a rainy blustery day. Finished by 11:00.

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