Cat in the Sock Closet

Among our menagerie of cats and dogs, we have a little Manx cat named Ruby. She is an other worldly creature who chases invisible lights on the wall and stares intently into space with owlish eyes. For some unknown reason, she has taken to hiding in the closet, behind the socks, where she waits in silent solitude until I am foolish enough to try and get my socks in the morning… I always forget.

I have a little kitty
Who perches in a cave.
She thinks she is a dragon
and I her human slave.

My sock drawer is her golden hoard,
She guards it in the night,
And when I try to get my socks,
She claws me just to spite.

I reach in unsuspecting
With eyes all full of sleep…,
Out comes her little dragon paw
And snags my fingers deep.

She hides in there, the little stinker. Just waiting to catch my fingers.


One Response to “Cat in the Sock Closet”
  1. a sprightly little snippet……and a great glory of socks !!

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