The Half Blind Devil Dog

Murphy is something of a trouble maker. If no one is watching, he will go after the cats… If it is cold or rainy he will do his business where he should not although he is quite tricky about it and will blame the other dogs. He can climb fences, squeeze out through windows onto the roof, and run like the wind. Shortly after we got him, he got premature cataracts and is blind in one eye with poor vision in the other. We felt he did it just to annoy us as it did not seem to bother or slow him down one iota. At night… he crawls up on the bed and with a deep felt sigh, sticks his nose in my armpit and falls into a deep and dream filled slumber… Here follows the Ode to Murphy.

The Devil Dog thinks he’s a bird
Although with wings he’d look absurd.
He clears the gate with room to spare
As if his feet could walk on air

Our scruffy mutt is not deterred
By piercing glance or spoken word.
He gives that look like he’s not heard
That something bad might have occurred.

And if you lock him in he’ll stare
As if the world were so unfair.
And when he runs, he barely seems
To touch the ground in his extremes.
And even when he sleeps and dreams
He’s flying over field and streams.

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