New Spoon Project!

So, some of you know that during the summer I am somewhat obsessed with going to yard sales. I love meeting new people in their own environments, I love talking to them about their gardens, looking at different neighborhoods, and of course finding amazing and eclectic treasures. You probably didn’t know that I’ve always had a thing for handmade wooden spoons. Old ones, new ones, different kinds of wood, different styles, and different uses. So over the years I have collected an awful lot of spoons. There are spoons with giraffe necks, there are spoons and are shaped like hands. There are large ones and small ones, freeform ones carved by local artists and simple standard ones you can get at a grocery store. And of course in the end, most of these spoons end up sitting in crocs in the kitchen. Honestly, things have gotten a little crowded, and then it hit me… A new art project! So I went to the kitchen, and I pulled out a bunch of spoons that for one reason or another I know I am never really going to use… And here they are! The next step, is to integrate them into the teahouse out in the backyard… Pictures will follow.


Spoons found at yard sales

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